Medical devices for the reduction
of health risks related to excessin abdominal fat.


Created in 1998 by Cosmosoft®, this technique provides a 100% natural way of stimulating the release of adipose cells for aesthetic and therapeutic purposes by activating the cells with a BioEnergetic field.

Entirely redesigner in 2014, the new version of the device ReduStim Generation 3 delivers a slimming results never achieved, especially at the waistline by the strengthening of the BioEnergetic field and his dual circuit.

Visible and lasting results after 12 sessions of 30 min

  • 1Health criteria : Principally due to the effect on the striated muscles in action: decrease of the abdominal fat mass or bad fat.
  • 2Bodylipidic overload criteria : Principally due to the effect on the smooth muscles : decrease by 2 clothes sizes by reduction of subcutaneous fat. in 12 sessions of 30 min.

Photographs before / after 12 sessionsbefore-after-12-sessions
Average waist loss after 12 sessions (in cm)s5
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  • Therapeutic innovation
  • 100% hands-free devices
  • Clinically proven efficiency
  • Totally harmless
  • Comprehensive care – body & mind
  • Immediate ROI